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About Internship

This service will help to recommend students to enterprises for internships if they have the intention. Through internship experience, you can figure it more clearly of you future career. Besides, you can learn more about the domestic industry and have a better choice of your job. Job-hunting in China for fresh graduates is quite competitive. Internship will make your spare time engaged and meritorious as well as enable you to accumulate competitive edge. With our service, we make it possible for students to have chances to contact great companies in China. Students who are studying outside of China are able to have access to domestic internship opportunities. Students are suggested to apply it anytime and can start it immediately after return to China.

Beyond any doubt, the experiences of domestic internships do have great help on job-hunting when students seek for a job in China. Besides, students have the chance to leave the first impression on enterprises. There is also the possibility for students to negotiate with companies about the full-time employment before graduation and get offers.

How we can help you:
  • Give you internship opportunities and company information.
  • help you contact with our clients and companies
  • if you apply for a vacancy, we will review your resume and arrange the interviews.
  • give you paper and career personality test
  • make appraisal and analysis report
  • arrange interview(s)
  • help you communicate with companies about the Internship Agreement
  • help you come to position and start internship
  • give you career guidance and help to solve problems