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About Career tourism

All international students are welcome to join this career tourism. Before you apply, you¡¯d better learn something about it. Career tourism is like work simulations, but it has more contents. We give you the chance to act as a career person.

Generally, students can visit the companies of our clients who are some large enterprises with an ¡°open day¡±. Students will have access to Stock Exchange, workshops or plants, working offices etc, to see what a career person¡¯s working life would be. You have the greatest chance to experience your career life in advance

It includes:
  • Visit companies: to learn about the working circumstances and process.
  • Learn about cooperation culture: to learn about the history, development, culture of the company, etc.
  • Work simulation: to act as a real employee and feel the experience as a career person.
  • Communicate: to communicate with the leaders and employees from the company to learn about industry and employment information; to listen to their thoughts and suggestions on your career development.
  • Career guidance: our professional human resource consultants will give you career consulting and solve your puzzles of working in China.

The portfolio of companies will cover several companies and are listed with detailed introduction. Register as a membership and then apply. Each portfolio will have a time countdown after being made public. Once the quotas for the portfolio are filled, we will start it and publish the scheduling.

You can apply for one or more portfolios of companies to visit if you have sufficient time. It is suggested that you refer to detailed company information and the numbers of applicants.