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About Full-time

Generally, returnees know little about domestic recruitment information until they return to China, and they have to spend several months on job applications and waste more time waiting for interviews. Fortunately, our full-time employment service is supposed to solve these problems.

Through our job recommendation service, fresh graduates and students who are going to graduate are now able to learn about domestic recruitment information of our clients. These job opportunities are from the well-know enterprises in China. We are dedicated to recommending well-performed candidates to great enterprises.

Students may know nothing about domestic employment information and status until they return to China. With us, you could not only know more about them but professional career guidance in the process of applying a job.

How we can help you:
  • deliver and publish domestic employment information.
  • give you domestic industry information and employment status
  • if you apply for a vacancy, we will review your resume and arrange the interviews.
  • we help to make an analysis report of your career personality and interview performance.
  • recommend qualified candidates to companies
  • help you in the process of being employed
  • help you to communicate with our clients and companies
  • help you with the induction training to be a new employee
  • give you career guidance and industry information
  • give you career consulting and help you make a clear planning for your career development